Ghost Hunting Teams and Going Pro

Ghost Hunting Teams and Going ProThis is the seventh and final lesson in your free course, Ghost Hunting for Beginners.

We’ve discussed the basics of ghost hunting.

You’ve learned how to find a haunted site near you. By now, you’re finding other people interested in ghost hunting.

In addition, I hope you’ve visited at least one haunted location, or will do so, soon.

You’ve learned about the many steps of a formal ghost investigation, as well as dangers to be aware of.

That’s a great start.

Now it’s time to get out and investigate as much as you can.

Every haunted site and every investigation is different. You’ll learn more with each ghost hunt, whether it’s a success or simply boring.

At some point, you may decide you’ve learned what you wanted to, and you’re ready to explore other hobbies.

Or, you may want to join a formal ghost hunting team, or even start one of your own.

In this lesson, we’ll talk about some possibilities.

This lesson is the longest, and parts of it may interest you more than others.

So, it’s broken into sections. All of them are important.

Ghost hunting options: Tours, Events, and Going Pro

Some people may focus on organized ghost tours and ghost hunting events. At those, you’re almost guaranteed an interesting – and perhaps spooky – experience.

They’re also fields you could consider for your own ghost-related business.


Tours can be a fine way to find local haunts. Some tours let you borrow their ghost hunting equipment, too. It’s a great way to test-drive difference devices.

If you enjoy the tour enough, ask about becoming one of their tour guides. It’s another way to explore ghost hunting, meet interesting people, and get paid at the same time.

I’ve been on many ghost tours and enjoyed all of them, for various reasons. But, some tours are better than others.

One way to choose a good, local ghost tour: Plan to be near a haunted site you’ll know the tour is likely to visit, at the time they’re likely to pause there.

When the tour shows up, stand back and listen, discreetly. Observe the guide and the reactions of the tour guests.

If it’s a good match for your interests, wait for a break in the tour, and ask the guide for a business card, or how to sign up for a tour.

Here’s a worksheet you can use to decide if a ghost tour seems worth your time (and money): Ghost Tours Evaluation Form.

If you enjoy ghost tours – or can’t find one with the features or locations you want – consider starting your own ghost tour. At the very least, your tour may be popular around Halloween.


Ghost hunting events

Events are superb ways to gain access to sites usually closed to investigators.

Some events include workshops and presentations by professional ghost hunters.

Others feature “dealer rooms” where inventors and small businesses sell ghost hunting equipment. That’s where I see the most exciting ghost hunting tools. Often, they’re things the public won’t know about for months.

Mostly, I enjoy ghost hunting events because I can meet other ghost hunters – new and experienced – and swap insights. At every event, there’s always one moment (and usually more) when I say, “Wow, I didn’t know that!”

Events are where long-lasting friendships are formed, as well. They may be the best part of ghost hunting vigils and events.

For the best results, see my free handout, Getting the Most from Ghost Hunting Events.

(You may also enjoy my Evaluating Famous Haunts guide, and the related Evaluating Famous Haunts worksheet. Both are free, of course.)

Some friends – including eager amateurs – have organized their own ghost hunting events, inviting “big name” ghost hunters and paranormal researchers to speak and participate in related investigations.

As I’m writing this in 2020, events may require more planning than they used to, to accommodate health and safety concerns. With small enough groups, especially at outdoor locations including battlefields and haunted cemeteries, events are still an option.

Or, you may prefer to be part of regular investigations. If so, a ghost hunting group may be the best choice.

Now read the next part of this lesson: Joining a Ghost Hunting Team