Ghost Hunting Course – Summary and Conclusion

This is the conclusion of Hallowfields’ Ghost Hunting for Beginners course.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

We’ve discussed the basics of ghost hunting.

You’ve learned how to find a haunted site near you. You’ve visited at least one haunted location, or will do so, soon.

You’ve learned about the many steps of a formal ghost investigation, as well as dangers to be aware of.

I hope you’ve also looked into options and opportunities near your home, or in places you’d like to visit.

Don’t rush into anything. Take your paranormal explorations one step at a time.

After about a dozen or so informal ghost hunts – and a perhaps a few more tours, events, or team investigations – you’ll have a much better sense of what you want to do next.

You may decide that ghost hunting is more fun to watch on your TV or in videos.

Most ghost hunters will agree: In real life, it’s not that exciting to stand in the dark for hours, with nothing happening.

At the other extreme, if you encounter something terrifying, you may wonder if ghost hunting is worth it.

Whichever path you choose now, it’s not a lifetime commitment. Interests and priorities change. Being part of a team may be fun now, but tedious later.

That’s normal.

Start by gaining expertise as a ghost hunter. Later, explore other areas related to ghost hunting.

After that, narrow your focus to what you most enjoy. It could become your specialty.


I hope this course has been helpful.

For a couple of years, I offered a free Certificate of Completion – on the honor system – to those who completed the course. It was a free download.

Unfortunately, starting late in 2020, 90% of site visitors skipped the course pages and went directly to the certificate download.

So – and sadly – since the honor system isn’t working, the certificate is no longer available. Further, if someone uses that certificate or a similar one as a credential, make sure they’ve actually learned how to investigate haunted places.

Despite that disappointment, this remains true: I really enjoy talking with fellow ghost enthusiasts. So, I hope to meet you someday at a ghost hunting event.