Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the old lessons?

They’re here… sort of. The old versions were outdated.

All of the same topics, lesson by lesson, are still in this course. They’ve been updated and rewritten for today’s ghost hunters.

If you started the old course, it’s okay to keep going with the new one. You may want to review the lessons you’d already completed, to see what’s new, but you don’t have to. (Most of the old information was valid, but not as current as I’d like.)

How do I get my certificate?

On the final page of each course, you’ll see a link to the related certificate. Save it or print it, as-is, and add your own name.

Hallowfields uses the honor system. That is, I’m trusting you not to display a certificate unless you’ve actually completed the related course.

Because so many people ask me this question, here’s the link to the first certificate: Introduction to Ghost Hunting – Certificate of Completion.

Will there be more free courses?

Yes. I’m working on new courses for 2018. This is a fun project for me. Free courses are my way of giving back to the paranormal research community.

I found a mistake or a broken link. What should I do?

Leave a comment on the related page. I’ll fix it as quickly as I can. Thanks! Your help is definitely appreciated.

(I created the course using Dragon dictation software. The text has been edited & proofread three times, but some typos may remain. If it’s something truly bizarre, like “blues chord” – which was supposed to be “loose cord” – that’s one of the perils of using dictation software.)

I have another question. How do I ask it?

Leave a comment on the related page (or any page at this website). I’ll reply in a comment, as soon as I can. (When I’m especially busy, it may take a week or longer for me to answer. Thanks for your patience.)

I want to interview you, or ask you to speak at my event.

Thank you, I appreciate your interest. But, after being blindsided by a few snarky show hosts, I’ve stopped appearing on most radio/talk shows. (The exceptions are people I know well in real life.)

And, at least for now, I rarely appear at events. For 2018, my highest priority is updating my websites and books, and adding more free courses at this website.

I want to ask you something, privately. How do I contact you?

You can use the Contact form at any of my websites that have them. But… I receive hundreds (sometimes thousands) of emails, daily. Until I can hire staff to sort through them, I’m unable to reply to anything, personally.

That doesn’t mean your message will be lost in a black hole or anything. I do read my emails. I just don’t check them daily. And, if it’s a wildly busy week – like the last few, putting this course together – I may not see emails for a week or more.

In most cases, if it’s a great question (or enough people ask something similar), I create an article about it at HollowHill.com.