Where’s the old course?

All of the same lessons are at this website. They’ve been updated and rewritten for today’s ghost hunters.

If you started the old course, it’s fine to carry on with the new one. You may want to review the lessons you’d already completed, to see what’s new, but you don’t have to. (Most of the old information was valid, but not as current as I’d like.)

How do I get my certificate?

Alas, the certificate was available on the honor system, but by late 2020, 90% of site visitors were skipping the course altogether. They went directly to the certificate.

Perhaps some had actually taken the course and completed it, earlier, but – based on site stats – that seems unlikely.

So, the certificate is no longer available. I’m sorry to disappoint you; I’m disappointed as well.

(If you encounter someone using my discontinued certificate as a credential, make sure they’re genuinely trained in ghost hunting techniques and procedures.)

I found a mistake or a broken link. What should I do?

Leave a comment. I’ll fix it as quickly as I can. Thanks! Your help is definitely appreciated.

(I created the course using Dragon dictation software. The text has been edited & proofread three times, but some typos may remain. If it’s something truly bizarre, like “blues chord” – which was supposed to be “loose cord” – well… that’s one of the perils of using dictation software.)

I have another question. How do I ask it?

Leave a comment on the related page (or any page at this website). I’ll reply in a comment, as soon as I can. (When I’m especially busy, it may take a week or longer for me to answer. Thanks for your patience.)

I want to interview you, or ask you to speak at my event.

Thank you, I appreciate your interest. But, after being blindsided by a few snarky show hosts, I’ve stopped appearing on most radio/talk shows. (The exceptions are people I know well in real life.)

And, at least for now, I rarely appear at events. Currently, my highest priority is updating my websites and books.

I want to ask you something, privately. How do I contact you?

Leave a comment at this site. (My email…? It’s overwhelming. I receive hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of questions, daily.)

I manually approve all comments, so just add something like “DON’T PUBLISH” on your comment, and it will remain hidden to everyone but you and me.


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