Ghost Hunting for Beginners

Welcome to Ghost Hunting for Beginners.

I’m Fiona Broome, and I’ve been researching paranormal sites for decades.

I’m still learning, both in the field and with experimental research.  I love discovering new haunted sites and better ways to investigate them. This course highlights some of my best advice for beginners.

Ghost hunting is an adventure, and this course will give you confidence as you begin your research.

For most people, the course will take about a month to six weeks, depending on your free time and how many haunted places you can visit easily.

Included in this course

Free course - Ghost Hunting for BeginnersHere’s what you’ll learn:

1) Ghost Hunting Basics. What to know, and what you should think about before you begin investigating.

2) It’s time to begin! Learn how to get the most from Your First Ghost Hunt.

3) A few things you may need, next: Ghost Hunting Tools and Talents.

4) Next you’re ready for more Thorough Investigations. This is where the real fun begins.

5) Watch out for Ghost Hunting Dangers.

6) Also learn about demons, malicious entities, and Protection for Ghost Hunters.

7) Finally, you’re ready to consider Ghost Hunting Teams and Going Pro. This is a four-part lesson with overviews of several related topics.

If you have any questions during this course – or as a ghost hunter – first use the search form for the topic.  Also check the FAQs.

If you’re still unsure, check Hollow Hill. That’s my website for ghost hunters, and it features hundreds of articles that may help. Use that site’s search form to find the information you seek.

In this course, most lessons take about one or two weeks, part-time. Don’t rush. It’s okay to go slowly. Be sure you understand each step.

Also, no matter how quickly – or methodically – you go through this course, it’s a good idea to review these lessons (a second time, or more) after you’ve been on a few ghost hunts.

Even now, after all my years in this field, I’m still learning.

Things change. Researchers find fresh ways to detect and communicate with ghosts. More haunted places are identified and opened to investigators.

New investigators (like you) enter the field and make important new discoveries.

And, of course, people – including me – revise and update our books and courses every few years.

That evolution keeps ghost hunting exciting.

There’s always more to learn. Every day brings new opportunities to encounter paranormal phenomena.

I hope you enjoy this course, but – even more – I hope you enjoy ghost hunting.

You’re important. You might make the next big breakthrough in ghost research.

Ghost Hunting for Beginners - Free Course

Still reading…? Start here: Ghost Hunting Basics – Getting the most from ghost hunting and this course.

Throughout the course, you’ll also find links to related articles, and free worksheets you can use with this course and in your investigations.

*Formerly called Introduction to Ghost Hunting.