Dowsing Rods for Ghost Hunters

Hallowfields’ free dowsing rod course will arrive here, later in 2020.

For now, you can learn to make your own dowsing rods.

Additional lessons will follow, soon.

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Reasons to use dowsing rods

They can be free or inexpensive.

You can make your own dowsing rods from wire coat hangers or inexpensive, short lengths of wire from a DIY store.

If you purchase ready-made dowsing rods, expect to spend around $20 – $25. Here’s one set that includes a pendulum, as well: Copper Dowsing Rod Set.

You don’t need much training – if any – to see powerful results.

Most people can learn to use dowsing rods within minutes.

You’re not directing an entity to speak “through” you.

Hallowfields and Fiona Broome warn ghost hunters not to open themselves – physically or mentally – to entities at haunted sites. Almost every case of demonic possession began with a Ouija board or other divinatory technique that gave the entity permission – and sometimes an invitation -to access the person’s body.

With dowsing rods, that’s not necessary.

Even skeptics can get results with dowsing rods.

Fiona says, “For years, I was skeptical of dowsing rods. Then, almost as a joke, I tried them in a mobile home park supposedly associated with a Native American sacred site. The rods crossed to prevent me from researching most rooms in the mobile home. The swung so I couldn’t get through the narrow doorways. Those who entered those rooms anyway… well, some rushed out, sorry they’d spent time there.”

You can use them to detect the “hottest” (most active) areas at a haunted site.

Once you’re accustomed to using dowsing rods, they can help point you to the areas that will provide the best research results.

You can also use dowsing rods to debunk some areas at a haunted site.

Just as traditional dowsers use rods to find underground streams (water), your dowsing rods can help identify underground power lines (potentially high EMF) and water sources that might create infrasound.

With no other evidence, those areas can be discounted as “probably not haunted” and give you more time to investigate areas that seem genuinely active.