Fiona Broome
Fiona Broome

Hallowfields is Fiona Broome‘s website featuring free, online courses for paranormal researchers, especially ghost hunters.

All of the lessons at this website are the original work of Fiona Broome, unless otherwise stated.

You may make copies of these lessons for your own students or team members, as long as the copyright notice remains and you don’t charge for those lessons. (In other words, “personal use” rules apply.)

Fiona’s basic ghost hunting course has been online since the late 1990s. It’s been revised and updated many times, and in 2008, the course was renamed Introduction to Ghost Hunting.

Fully revised and updated in December 2017, Introduction to Ghost Hunting is now available at this website.

Hallowfields will be the home of more free ghost hunting courses, as Fiona creates them.

Here’s Fiona’s video from her HollowHill.com website. In it, she explains why she’s so interested in ghost hunting.