Academy News


GhostbatHallowfields Ghost Hunting Academy welcomes all new students. All courses are by Fiona Broome. All of our courses are free.

Our first (and most complete) is Introduction to Ghost Hunting. It is a four-part course. Most students will complete those lessons in about four weeks – one week per lesson.

You can start it right now.

The full course text is online.

Some of our supplemental materials – videos, more handouts, etc. – are still being added. (They’re not essential. You can complete the course without them.)

Keep checking this page for updates. Or, watch for announcements at Fiona Broome’s Twitter account, and at her Facebook page.

Fiona is also working on a short Dowsing Rod Course. It’s an expanded version of her Ghosts 101 article & video, How do people use dowsing rods for ghost hunting?, with added details and ghost hunting tips.

So far…

What’s Complete

  • All text for the entire Introduction to Ghost Hunting course.
  • Most digital downloads such as free worksheets, linked lesson-by-lesson.
  • The Certificate of Completion, for those who complete the lessons.
  • The first video and text for the Dowsing Rod Course.

Still Being Added

  • Videos.
  • More digital worksheets and supplemental materials.
  • Links to related articles.
  • PDFs of each lesson.