Hallowfields Courses

Hallowfields offers free ghost hunting courses for beginners through professionals. Here are our current courses and lessons.

Introduction to Ghost Hunting

Introduction to Ghost Hunting  is a free, four-week course for beginners.

Lessons include:

1. Ghost Hunting Preparations – Getting started.

2. Find a Haunted Place – How to find haunted places to explore, and people who share your interests.

3. Take Your Next Step – Professional techniques.

4. Join or Start a Ghost Hunting Team – Launch your professional career.

At the conclusion of this independent study course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Dowing Rods for Ghost Hunters teaches you to make and use dowsing rods.

Dowsing rods are free, easy-to-use ghost hunting tools. You can use them to find the most active areas at a haunted site. You may also use them for real-time ghost communications.

The first video and instructions are now available. Additional course materials will arrive later in 2019.