Academy News

Welcome to Hallowfields Ghost Hunting Academy.

This is the home of Fiona Broome’s free courses for ghost enthusiasts.

Her Ghost Hunting for Beginners course, formerly called Introduction to Ghost Hunting, has been updated for 2020. It will take most students four to six weeks to complete, and a certificate is awarded on the honor system.

Here are the lessons:

  1. Ghost Hunting Basics – The decisions you make now are the foundation you’ll build upon, for a successful hobby or career as a ghost hunter. Know why you’re involved with ghost research and what your limits are. That can make a world of difference.
  2. Your First Ghost Hunt – Think of this as a “dress rehearsal” for future professional investigations. Learn how to get started, find a good place for ghost hunting, what to bring with you, and what to expect when you’re there.
  3. Ghost Hunting Tools & Talents – You may already own all the ghost hunting equipment you’ll need. Here’s what’s useful, what works, and what’s important.
  4. A Thorough Ghost Investigation – It’s time to use what you’ve learned so far, and start serious ghost hunting.
  5. Ghost Hunting Dangers – From physical hazards to angry ghosts to malicious entities, this lesson should scare you… at least enough to take precautions.
  6. Protection for Ghost Hunters – You’re unlikely to encounter anything demonic in your research. But, like taking a basic first aid course, it’s smart to know what to do in a “worst case” situation.
  7. Ghost Hunting Teams and Going Pro – A four-part lesson with overviews of the pros & cons of ghost hunting teams, joining or starting your own team, and other professional options.