Hallowfields Courses

Hallowfields offers free ghost hunting courses for beginners through professionals. Here are our current courses and lessons.

Introduction to Ghost Hunting

Introduction to Ghost Hunting  is a free, four-week course for beginners.

Lessons include:

1. Ghost Hunting Preparations – Getting started.

2. Find a Haunted Place – How to find haunted places to explore, and people who share your interests.

3. Take Your Next Step – Professional techniques.

4. Join or Start a Ghost Hunting Team – Launch your professional career.

At the conclusion of this independent study course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Dowing Rods for Ghost Hunters teaches you to make and use dowsing rods.

Dowsing rods are free, easy-to-use ghost hunting tools. You can use them to find the most active areas at a haunted site. You may also use them for real-time ghost communications.

The first video and instructions are now available. Based on feedback from this first lesson, Fiona is revising the content. The full course should be available by mid-to-late 2020.